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as on date: 31/03/16
5th RSBY National Workshop held from 8-11 April, 2013 at Trivandrum, Kerala

SNo File Name
1. Business Session 1- Introduction
Presentation on Evaluation_Dr. Urvashi Chandra.pptx
RSBY, Experience till now, and Trends from Data_Dr. Nishant Jain.pptx
2. Business Session 2- Use of RSBY Smart Card Platform
AABY Punjab and LIC_Mrs. Saroj Nain, Punjab.pptx
Introductory Presenataion-RSBY Platform_Mrs. Sumita Chopra.pptx
RSBY with Ministry of Textile_Ms. Anju Aggarwal.pptx
3. Business Session 3- RSBY Data
Data Portal Presentation by Chhattisgarh_Mr. Vijendra Katre.pptx
Data Portal Presentation Gujarat_Mr. Harish Puri Goswami.pptx
Introductory Presentation on Data Housing and Transmission_Mrs. Sumita Chopra.pptx
Introductory Presentation on Issues in Data Preparation_Ms. Henna Dhawan.pptx
Presentation by Uttar Pradesh on Data Housing and Data Analysis_Mr. Alok Kumar.pptx
Presentation on Data Preparation by Kerala_Mr. Sukumar & Mr. Pappu.pptx
RSBY Data Analysis Presentation_Dr. Nishant Jain.pptx
RSBY Data Quality Over Time_Ms. Henna Dhawan.pptx
4. Business Session 4- Enrolment and Renewal
Presentation by ICICI Lombard on Enrollment and Renewal_Mr. Deepak Arora.pptx
Presentation from Chhattisgarh on Enrollment and Renewal_Mr. Vijendra Katre.pptx
Presentation from Jharkhand on Enrollment and Renewal_Mr. Sunil Kumar.pptx
Presentation from Orissa on Enrollment and Renewal_ Ms. CTM Suguna.pptx
5. Business Session 5- Awareness Activities
Introductory Presentation_Mr. Ratnesh.pptx
Presentation by PACS_Mr. Rajan.pptx
Presentation from Gujarat_Mr. Nitesh Shah.pptx
Presentation from Kudumbsree_Mrs. Valsala Kumari.pptx
Presentation from West Bengal_Mr. Pralay Majumdar.pptx
6. Business Session 6- Fraud Detection and Control
Presentation by Reliance General_Dr. Saif Gondekar.pptx
Presentation from Chola MS_Dr. J Carter.pptx
Presentation from Iffco Tokio_ Ms. Richa Sharma.pptx
Presentation from Oriental Insurance_Mr. RS Madan & Ms. Rekha Solanki.pptx
Presentation from Uttar Pradesh_Mrs. Sangeeta Singh.rar
7. Business Session 7- Provision of Health Care
Presentation by Glocal Hospital Pvt Ltd, Murshidabad_Dr. Sabahat Azim.pptx
Presentation by PGIMS Hospital, Rohtak_Mr. Satnam Singh.pptx
Presentation on Quality Experience_Dr. Madan Gopal.pptx
Presentation by Medical College, Thiruvanthapuram_Dr. Suma.pptx
Presentation by Herbertpur Christian Hospital, Dehradun_Mr. Kavi Prasad.pptx
Presentation from JBMM Civil Hospital, Amritsar_Dr. Handa.pptx
Providing Outpatient Benefits in RSBY_Mrs. Pompy Sridhar.pptx
Role of NRHM in RSBY by Orissa_Mr. Manilal Gupta.pptx
8. Business Session 8- Looking into the Future
Innovations on RSBY Web Portal_Ms. Henna Dhawan.pptx
Presentation on Capacity Building_Mrs. Shilpa Pandya.pptx
Presentation on Grievance Redressal_Mr. Sushil Tripathi.pptx
RSBY – Roadmap for Future_Dr. Nishant Jain.pptx
9. Other Documents
Agenda National Workshop 2013 Revised.docx
Write up on RSBY National Award 2013.docx
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